Pros of the Reintroduction of Wolves in Colorado

The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project aims at restoring gray wolves to Western Colorado. The scientists behind the project believe that it is good for the gray wolf to return to Colorado but they also need Coloradans to also believe this. They thus teach the people of Colorado on the benefits the reintroduction of wolves in Colorado can bring to their landscape. Below are some of the advantages of reintroducing wolves in Colorado.

Wolves increase the biodiversity of an area. Wolves engage in more than just hunting and killing. They provide food for numerous species. The presence of wolves in a place influences the behavior of coyotes hence provide less predictability the time wolves are not around. Eagles, ravens, and vultures are supported by the activities of wolves. Due to the hunting activities of wolves, the population of the grazing animals is less in a region. For about 15 to 30 years, more trees are available for habitats, leading to growth in bird and beavers populations.

Secondly, wolves boost ecotourism opportunities. When wolves were reintroduced in Colorado, there was a significant boost in ecotourism. People wanted to go out and begin exploring looking forward to seeing a wolf. These activities brought about an economic boost for local economies with a variety of governments opting to use the additional money in protecting their forests as well as other endangered species. Wolf-watching tours add 5 million dollars in local revenues.  Visit :  for more info.

Thirdly, wolves balance local systems. Wolves are predators and their presence assists in keeping the natural ecosystem balanced. Wolves’ population may change at times but they stay populated depending on food availability. When there are few grazing animals for the wolves to hunt, their population decline. Although some wolves see livestock as a food resource in this situation, it happens only when we intrude on their space.  Learn more about the  reintroduction of wolves in Colorado   by clicking here.

In conclusion, wolf populations bring about ecology of fear. Biologists are for the idea of wolf reintroduction because they hunt ungulates such as elk and deer. This lowers their populations more effectively than provided by human hunters. A better advantage is that wolves create a culture of fear in the local system. Due to the fact that the grazing animals are not certain of when a wolf can attack, they never stay in the same place to feed as a lack of movement increases their risk of being hunted. This supports the growth of more trees and grasses.  Discover more here :